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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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from the ohio region. so what does that mean? >> sheena parveen is here. >> we have some showers in the forecast late tonight, possibly into the late morning hours tomorrow as well. it's not going to be an all day thing, it's not going to be a washout. the big weather system is still off to our west, but we're getting a few showers ahead of it trying ing ting to move in. some in penn and sussex county. lehigh valley, berks county and the poconos. the precip you're seeing here is very light, probably not even hitting the ground yet. but as we go through tonight and early tomorrow morning there's a slight chance that could come down in the form of freezing rain once the temperature starts dropping. but that's not a problem now because everybody's bo freezing. 39 in vineland, the only area of freezing is mt. pocono. going into your thanksgiving
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morning, philadelphia 44 degrees, cloudy by 7:00 a.m., could see some spotty showers later in the morning as well. and by 11:00 a.m., temperatures about the mid to upper 40s. coming up we'll take a look at your thanksgiving evening forecast as well as black friday straight ahead. now to traffic and the rush hour ride in philadelphia. here's a look at i-95 near the girard point bridge. but it's still moving. nbc 10 has you covered on the ground and in the air. >> we begin with nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong. >> reporter: all these people talking about i-95 south and north moving. here in delaware, i want you to see what you're dealing with. you cross the state line, things are going all right. that's how traffic looks. you start trudging and trudging north, a lot of unhappy people here right now. how bad is traffic tonight? >> it's like a turtle. real slow. >> reporter: this is a night
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where lots of people are going to say not so nice things about the garden state. >> i was thinking, okay no, this is going to stay this way. >> reporter: all these drivers are crawling up to the point where 95 splits off to 295 and people will head over to the delaware river bridge. it's bad on a friday night, that's why many people are taking their drive out now. like this family from tampa. as for heavenry, he's a little -- >> he likes to sit on somebody's lap the whole time. and he makes it known if he has to go. >> reporter: if you're out there, be patient and be safe if you're a. torture your kids by making them sing the whole way. >> we got another whole hour to
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go. >> my mom used to make us sing kenny rogers songs. the gas is now cheaper here than it is in new jersey. i feel the frustration, i have got to go north here tonight. i've got to figure a way around all this. if you have to go 95 north to newark up to the newcastle area, you really should avoid this area. >> nbc10's mitch blacher has been watching the roads for the past two hours from sky force 10. >> mitch, how's the traffic situation? >> reporter: you guys want to talk about frustration, this is a look at just outside egans oval and the art museum as people are trying to get out of center city, this is all in anticipation of tomorrow's
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parade, they haved e eclosed eg overly right now. we're seeing an easing of traffic on the schuylkill expressway, mainly because the road leading to the onramp by the art museum is closed and not too many cars go in or out of that area. >> a live look inside philadelphia international terminal c. there are no major problems. today is the third busiest travel day of the year at airports. we see those security lines, not horrible, though. people we spoke to expected the lines to be much worse than they were. the only flight cancellations where people tried to fly in to town from upstate new york. in new jersey, police are stepping up their efforts to keep things safe on roads this weekend. the new jersey police will have 140 more officers on the street.
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there will be numerous dwi checkpoints. a dozen people were killed in thanksgiving crashes last year. free rides from the bar tonight, you can get a free ride home with uber or the bemydd app. police will be out in full force looking for drunk drivers. if you forgot to stock up on the booze -- that's not a segue we're going to do there. if you're going to drink, stay home, don't dry. expect stores to be packed tonight. >> andrea klein-thomas at the giant grocery store where wine sales are now legal. >> reporter: 5:00 was when we
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saw the largest crowds. this is the crowds we're seeing right now. also want you guys to take a look at these checkout lanes, most of all of them are open so people can get in 57 out of here. and as you guys side, yes, you can now buy wine in the grocery store. 140 grocery stores across the state thanks to a new rule that went in effect in august. so we have been here again all day. if you want to come out, now is actually a good time. i'm actually going to take my own advice i have got some last minute shopping to do, mom needs some more cheese for the mac n cheese. so i'm going to go ahead and check out. >> sweet potatoes for me. >> you can get updates on the traffic situation any time on nbc10 and the nbc 10 app.
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and in a few minutes we'll look at what stores will be open tomorrow night. police released a picture of the car wanted in the hit and run death of an 8-year-old girl in overbrook. >> the koor is a 2016 maxima or altima. >> the community just wrapped up a very moving march for justice minutes ago. >> reporter: since i talked to you, the little girl's family has marched to the place where she was killed and back to where the car that hit her disappeared. this evening, jeanna's parents, siblings and friends marched declaring justice. >> you keep hear us, you keep seeing us, you feel my pain, you'll come forward. >> the principal and teachers
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joined the family. >> it's a tlaj for the family, it's a tragedy for the community, it's a tragedy for the school that we have a child leaving school hit by a car, the driver drives off. >> reporter: last friday as jeanna walked home holding her older brother's hand, a car like this came out of nowhere and hit them. jeanna was killed and the driver sped off. the moment that claimed his sister's life is sheered in her brother's mind. >> he smiled at me. he had a weird smile when he looked at me. >> reporter: they also hope people who see him on this busy thanksgiving eve will share what they know about the accident. they tell us family, friends and police have provided a thanksgiving meal, classmates and administrators here at
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cassidy are helping with funeral expenses, but the absence of 8-year-old jeanna is unbearable. >> it's the first holiday without my baby. >> reporter: jeanna's parents say they're going to bury her on monday, but they're still urging witnesses as well as the drive to come forward. new at 6:00,'s still unanswered questions tonight after a package ploeded in center city this morning. one person was injured in that blast. ran gyllenhaal has tracked down new information about the case. >> reporter: i spoke to investigators who say explosives experts have been examining that device. neighborhood here just south rittenhouse square is slowly getting back to normal but some
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residents are on edge. the remnants of the bomb have been sent for testing. >> the device has been transported to our headquarters for further analysis. >> reporter: agents should learn more today about how the explosive package was constructed. police say somebody left that booby-trapped envelope near this stoop on pine street. it had a triggering system inside, shrapnel and was specifically intended for the target, it even had his name on it. when he got home and opened the package, it triggered an explosion, injuring his face, torso and hands. he was taken to jefferson hospital, but he's no longer listed as a patient there, nobody was home when we knocked on his door. his pine street neighborhood is now back open. the crime scene tape is gone. >> it scares you to know that if someone did it, the technology
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there. >> reporter: people here are wondering why someone would be capable of making a bomb like this and why. they do say they'll be interviewing the victim and his live in partner as well as the neighborhood. and next on nbc10 news at 6:00, black friday now starts on thursday. we'll take a look at the local malls opening after your thanksgiving feast. and coming up i'll show you if you can expect showers for your tag dthanksgiving day.
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turning to transition to trump, the president-elect has returned to florida for his holiday. florida governor nikki haley has accepted his offer to be ambassador to the u.n. and the president-elect has
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chosen betsy devos as his secretary of education. devos is from michigan. she is a long time advocate for charter schools and school vouchers. ben carson could soon have a position in the donald trump administration. carson said an announcement is expected soon on his new role in the white house. the president-elect said he's considering offering carson the secretary of housing and urban development. retailers are getting ready for the post holiday rush. they will open their doors after you have eaten your turkey dinner and perhaps gone back for seconds. opening at 6:30, king of prussia mall, the christiana mall, and the gloucester people outlet in new jersey.
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rosemary con connor is showing us how they're giving back to the community where they live. >> reporter: the campus of drexel university is practically empty. but in the community kitchen at the millennium hall dorms, students have been busy whipping up a holiday feast. >> we do most of the prep work ourselves and most of the food is donated and we do it all here at drexel. >> right now we have 16 turkeys going from the seventh floor to the 10th floor. >> at the end of the day, we bring it down to the 911 call center and the local church and we serve them dinner there at 6:00. >> reporter: behind the peeling and preps are the men of phi kappa phi. >> i think doing all this makes
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you a lot move thankful for your family. >> reporter: and all of life's bless ain blessings. >> everybody gearing up for the big meal. and a lot of cooking, family time, so we're wondering what the weather going to be. >> it's going to be a cloudy day, a cool day for sure. if we have any showers around, it will mostly be the first half of the day, mostly spotty in nature. dry right now, temperatures are all above freezing, 46 philadelphia, 46 degrees through our neighborhoods in delaware, low 40 pennsylvania suburbs. there is a small chance with some light showers trying to move in overnight and tomorrow morning. we could see these temperatures drop below freezing, possibly a little bit of freezing rain, so
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if you are in areas be aware of that. temperatures right now are above freezing, again the chances are low, but something to make mention of. 43 in redding, if you're in the lehigh valley, 42 white hall township. locally we're fairly dry of the rain and snow, the largest portion of it is still off to our west. we're still watching showersing into kent and sussex county, not a big deal, the rest of the area, just seeing those clouds around. as we go through tonight, this is future weather now, we go through the next several hours, and some of this very light precip, could be moving in by 8: 30. around sun rise in the morning, we'll see some showers, but then by the afternoon, it will be
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dry. cloudy, and on the cool side. clouds are going to hang around for black friday, we could see some peeks of sunshine. but it will be mostly dry. your thanksgiving forecast in the morning. pennsylvania suburbs, 47 degrees, chance of a shower. thanksgiving evening will be cloudy, 50 degrees by 4:00 p.m. in the philadelphia area, 44 degrees by 8:00 p.m. in the lehigh valley. delaware, temperatures around 53 degrees in the afternoon and evening tomorrow. a little peek of sunshine. but overall, mostly dry, temperatures by 7:00 a.m. 40 degrees. by 7:00 p.m., closer to about 50 degrees, your ten-day forecast keeps us dry through the weekend, it will be windy on sunday. temperatures to mid 50s across the weekend. so still feeling like fall, and that's seasonal for this time of year. by tuesday, we get into the 60s,
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that does come with some rain, afterwards we do get cooler again as we go into next weekend. hey, i'm danny pommells, csn, are the eagles out of answers when it comes to helping nelson aguilar? or has the first round pitch got on over the hump?
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danny pommells with you, dan john clark has more from the
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eagles practice facility. >> reporter: eagles coach doug pederson still has not decided yet whether nelson aguilar will play monday night. he wants to see how nelson goes through the week and in practice. near nelson and number 19 paul turner stretches with the receivers, doug pederson says it's a real possibility he will lessen the workload for nelson on monday night. >> my concern for nelson too, i mentioned to you the other day is him as a person and where is he mentally as a person? i don't want to expose him to anything that will hurt him there as an individual and as a human being. >> he works extremely hard. nelson a classic case now of a kid that's not getting exactly what he deserves. he puts in the time but he hasn't seen the fruits of his labor. >> i got a lot of confidence in him still, i know mistakes happen, i just keep telling him -- i'm just pass tiff with
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him. there's no reason to hang your hat, no reason to get discouraged, just keep batting. >> doug pederson has not decided whether he's going to carry four or five receivers, so for paul turner, being active is not a guarantee. >> to the hard wood now, the sixers will go for a third straight win tonight when they host the grizzlies. memphis has won five straight. joel embiid will play under a strict restriction tonight. after beating the pang hers last night, the flyers visit the lightning tonight. shaun will miss four to six weeks with a sprained acl. scott walton has been called up to take his place. that is your look at sports, i'm danny pommells, csn.
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let's get a final checks of traffic. here's a look at 76 at the vine street express way. >> getting off there at 30th street station. that there is a bit of a trick. >> travel weather as you saw looking nice and clear right now. we will be watching for some light precip to come in tonight. as we go into early tomorrow morning, we'll be starting off in the upper 30s, thanksgiving afternoon 52 degrees, it's not going to be a washout of a day, we'll have a spotty showers around for black friday, cloudy and cool in the 50s, for the weekend nice and dry, next week we're in the 60s, but that comes with some rain. you like the turkey? >> i liked the turkey, he was very happy. that's our news, thanks for
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watching. i'm jim rosen field. >> up next, nbc nightly news, we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. tonight, the getaway, tens of millions take to the road and the air -- the most in years. inside the new command center as the tsa tries to avoid a repeat of scenes like this. the wrong route? late details tonight, federal officials now say the driver in the school bus crash that killed five children should not have been on that road. building a team -- president-elect trump names two women to top jobs, plus an exclusive inside the massish secret service plan to protect the new first family. high alert -- lester's look inside the nypd's bomb squad on guard after a recent attack. showtime, tens of


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